Started in 1980 by Sister Leon of Sisters of Mercy, of the St Andrew’s Church in Rochester, the Food Cupboard was originally set up as a small corner storefront on the corner of North and Herald. After several years at that location the pantry suffered a break in and burglary which made it clear the location needed to change .

In 1996 the decision was made to find a location in the neighborhood near the church, and become more a part of the neighborhood. They started fundraising to buy a location. Originally the current location was just half the current size , but later expanded into the offices next door. A state of the art security system was donated and installed in the building.

In 2010 Saint Andrew’s church was closed. The parish merged to become St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Parish. While Sister Regis Food Cupboard, and St Andrew’s Food Cupboard, are both ministries of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Parish they are self funded and pay rent and all overhead costs for operation.

Since 1996 the Food Cupboard has continued to expand services and awareness. They continue to serve the needs of the community through increased deliveries to the homebound, expanding non food related provisions, and increasing referrals to other organizations.

St. Andrew's Food Cupboard is located at 892 Portland Ave Rochester, NY and proud to serve the needs of the hungry.

We’re open Tuesday through Friday, and can be reached by phone at 585-338-1764 or via email by visiting our contact page.


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