Why volunteer at St Andrews?

The entire operation is run through volunteers like you!

We provide assistance to families in the St. Andrews area through food, personal items and referrals. This brings relief to families struggling to make ends meet.

We make a difference in the lives we touch, and in turn, we are enriched.

See the descriptions of volunteer opportunities to see where you can help....


Front Room Volunteers

Front-room volunteers work with clients. They do interviews to complete intake forms, update records, and determine what other issues clients might be dealing with. These volunteers review the weekly menu with the clients and help them make the best selections for their families. The front room prepares pick lists that are used by the back room volunteers to organize and put together the food orders. Interested in engaging the community? 

Stocking Volunteers

These volunteers are then responsible for filling the pick forms as they are passed from the front room, reviewing the orders, boxing, and bagging for the clients to take out. They take in deliveries and organize stock during open hours. they also help with setup and opening the cupboard in the morning.

Transport Volunteers

Other volunteers donate their services in other ways. They travel to other food cupboards and businesses to pick up supplies and deliver them to St. Andrew’s. This is a constant need but hard to organize. Please let us know if you are interested in being available to transport food from other locations.

Home Delivery Volunteers

St. Andrews has a small, but growing, service that delivers food to home-bound residents. These folks are usually recovering from illnesses and operations and cannot get out of their house for services. We need volunteers to help deliver nutritious supplies geared to keep up the health of the home-bound. Let us know if you are interested in this very rewarding volunteer opportunity.

Supporting Volunteers

The mix of volunteers varies day by day. In addition to the core group, there are often supplemental volunteers that provide additional support for service experience. During the holidays, volunteers help prepare packets with extra preparations for holiday meals. Youth volunteers may work on projects that help the cupboard through building maintenance and outside projects such as food drives through their schools. 

Grant Writing Volunteers

St Andrew's depends on grants from various organizations. These grants help cover regular operations, special service personnel, and food purchases from our local food bank. If you are interested in helping the food cupboard apply for grants please contact us!

St. Andrew's Food Cupboard is located at 892 Portland Ave Rochester, NY and proud to serve the needs of the hungry.

We’re open Tuesday through Friday, and can be reached by phone at 585-338-1764 or via email by visiting our contact page.


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